SKIING in FRANCE – Valfrejus

At the beginning of the year, me, my boyfriend and two friends went skiing in France, more accurately to the ski resort of Valfrejus. Now, there wasn’t much skiing involved, unfortunately, because the good people of Valfrejus did not do their best at preparing the ski slopes. Even if it snowed properly during our stay, only two slopes were open – full of rocks which ultimately ruined … Continue reading SKIING in FRANCE – Valfrejus

Season Wrap-up

All right, we have officially come to the end of this year’s skiing season. With a few trips under my belt, I am pretty happy with how much I’ve managed to ski this year (despite school work and exams). I’m also pretty eager to wish winter goodbye as I’m glancing at my swimsuit and praying for warmer, sunnier weather. So, here are a bunch of photos captured … Continue reading Season Wrap-up

Pow, Smiles and High Fives

Yesterday was the day of my very first ski trip this year. We went to our local ski resort in neighbouring Italy – Monte Zoncolan. You only need about two hours of driving to get from our pretty Slovenian coast to the Italian Alps. Just the day before, there was an abundant snowfall that resulted in about 20cm of fresh snow! A dream come true to say … Continue reading Pow, Smiles and High Fives