Climbing Vipavska Bela, Slovenia

This has to be my favorite climbing spot ever – Vipavska Bela! It’s surrounded by a forest which gives plenty of shade even in the summer time. The routes are perfect, but they are a bit under-rated. We climbed a route marked as 4c which, upon completion, looked more like a 5a/b. The best part of the entire climbing spot is the stream with cold, refreshing water immediately below the routes. A few local kids have laid concrete around the edges making  it in a natural pool!

Here are a few info about the spot:

  • Location: 45° 52′ 22″ N 13° 58′ 21″ E (car park)
  • Number of routes: 126
  • Difficulty levels: 4a – 9b
  • Routes’ height: 9 – 21 metres








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