Climbing Kamena Vrata, Croatia

The past weekend was the best so far! Sunday was spent cycling around our beautiful Slovenian Istra and on Saturday we went to the new Croatian climbing spot Kamena Vrata.

  • Location: N 45°23’51.15”, E 13°56’21” Drive out of Buzet in the direction of Istarske toplice (Motovun) until you see a canyon.
  • Number of routes: 32
  • Difficulty levels: 4a – 9b
  • Routes’ height: 15-30 metres

The spot is on the sunny side, so it definitely will not do for summer days (it was already super hot this weekend and we’re only in April). Opposite the rock formations there’s a little creek  where you can freshen up and enjoy the amazing views. The routes are great, the rock is solid and there’s was no crowd. It’s definitely a great place to visit.

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Until the next adventure,


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3 thoughts on “Climbing Kamena Vrata, Croatia

  1. This looks beautiful! I’ve been trying to motivate my climbing friends to go for a holiday in Croatia for the past four years- your posts will help persuade them to finally book it, I think!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! You definitely should – there are so many awesome spots not far away one from the other. To name just a few: Ponte Porton, Čepiči, Zlatni Rt ,.. 🙂 Have fun!


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