Climbing Črni Kal

Last Saturday we decided to hop in the car and drive to our local rock climbing spot Črni Kal.

The weather was nice and warm so it came as no surprise that the spot was full of excited rock climbers. Even though we are in Slovenia, the majority of them were from other countries: Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy. This spot is very popular with foreign climbing enthusiasts. Here are some basic information about Črni Kal as well as a few snaps:

  • Location: 45°33’12.0″N 13°52’46.4″E
  • Number of routes: 287
  • Difficulty levels: 4a-4c+ (30) // 5a-5c+ (56) // 6a-6b+ (96) // 6c-7a+ (80) // 7b-7c+ (15) // 8a-9b (2)
  • Routes’ height: 10 – 35 metres






We climbed a few routes and then headed back home. It’s so amazing to have such a big climbing sport near home. The Croatian spots located in Istra are not so far away either that is why we are planning a longer climbing expedition to Kamena vrata the following weekend.

Until then, take care


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