I love taking photos, but I also love scrolling through other photographers’ feeds and get inspired by their work. There are a bunch of people that I truly admire who upload amazing photographs that just makes me want to go outside and explore! I follow most of them on Instagram since it is by far my favourite social media app. It’s so easy to find new awesome people on it! So, without further ado, here are my favourite photographers:

collageChris 1

Chris is an insanely talented photographer based in Central Coast California. The subjects of his work are connected with surf, travel and the outdoors. He’s one of those people that can make nature appear truly magnificent.

Instagram –

Webpage –


Morgan is a 24 year old who’s driven by his passion. He has a unique view of capturing the ocean. Beside being an amazing photographer, he’s a pretty great filmmaker as well.

Instagram –

Motion video –

matt clog

Matt is a self-taught photographer who adores to capture the sea and everything that is connected with it. His photos often then not encompass his passion for surfing.

Instagram –

foster col

Foster managed to fulfil his dream of living in a tree house immersed in nature with a private skate bowl beneath it. The best thing about it is that he photographs all his adventures along the way.

Instagram –

His tree house –

Tumblr –

abe xol

The man of action sports! Abe is the reason I became so passionate about filmmaking and GoPros. When you need your daily doze of adrenaline, his Insta feed is the right place to go to.

Website –

Instagram –


Anže is a Slovene photographer that is part of a creative group called Leeway Collective. He takes stunning photographs and manages to evoke powerful emotions.

Instagram –

Tumblr –

Now I’m curious to find out about the photographers that inspire you the most! Chunk their link below so that I can check them out as well!

All best,


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