Since I haven’t posted in a while (I am super busy studying for exams), I decided to publish a short “photo” post with a bunch of photos taken during the month of May in Ljubljana.


 The amazing art on Metelkova street.

Butchers bridge

Locks with love messages written on them on the Butcher’s Bridge.

Majske igre

Every year there is a two-week event called the Games of May
where the Slovenian Student Association organizes concerts and sports competitions. This photo was taken at the “Market of ŠKIS” where you can get all kinds of free food and beverage as well as listen to various bands performing from 12pm till 1am. It has become quite a tradition for students of the Universitiy of Ljubljana to attend this event.


The beginning of the “longboarding” season.


The University of Ljubljana


This picture pretty much sums up the weather we had so far: an unpredictable mixture of sunshine and rain.

Even though I am in the middle of the exam season, I have managed to squeeze in a day-off  in order to go to Milano to attend a concert of Linkin Park ( I honestly couldn’t let it slip through my fingers).

Since I will be going to the InMusic festival at the end of June, you can expect quite a few exciting blog posts in the near future. Until then, take care,


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